What is COPCA?

Content, Optimize, Promote, Convert, Analyze

For businesses, Social Media isn’t a straight-cut formula, but there are certain rules of engagement you can follow. We call our rules COPCA, which stands for Content, Optimize, Promote, Convert, and Analyze. In brief, here’s what Netword Plus can do for your company:

Available Services

Social Media Registrations
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Branding
Content Creation
Content Management
Lead Conversion
Lead Creation / Discovery
Comparative Analytics
Wordpress-based Websites
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Registrations
Local Directory Registrations

Additional Media Services

Email Marketing Campaigns
PPC (Facebook Advertising)
Optimized Mobile Sites
Customer Service Programs
Custom Infographics
Video Promotions
Serving Multiple Location
Increased Blogging
Increased Postings