The Link Between SEO and Content Marketing

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Ben Norman is a leading UK SEO Consultant and has extensive knowledge of search engine marketing. A regular writer on the subject, Ben’s first book, ‘Getting Noticed on Google’ sold over 25,000 copies and the second edition has sold over 30,000 copies. Ben’s comprehensive knowledge is written in a straightforward and easy-to-understand way.

I find his advice on SEO to be very valuable and enlightening. You can read more from Ben on his website.

I was very happy to find this article in his blog. It clearly explains the correlation between content and SEO. I have many potential clients who say, “I need to put more money into SEO so I can be found on Google.” Well, as this article explains, content comes first. Especially with Google’s new Semantic Search algorithm updates (read the Mashable article here).

Here’s Ben’s good advice:

Content Marketing is an important factor for SEO and it is also a popular way to inform people about your products and services. In addition, you can drive traffic to your site by optimising this content. The better your content and the more interest you create around your writing, the more traffic you can lead to your site as a result. In order for your writing to have a positive contribution for your marketing efforts, you should consider the following areas. These will help to improve your site’s visibility by attracting more attention to your content, and as a knock on effect, you should be able to encourage people to click through to your company website.

Tempt your visitors

It’s no good creating any old random content in the hope that people will find this and then click through to your website. Instead focus on writing content that your users will find interesting. Once you have them hooked on an article it will be a lot easier to get them to click trough to your website. If you keep producing decent content then people will return to your blog, or wherever your content is placed, as they will regard you as a useful source of information. Think about what you would like to see in an article that relates to your business and write with your audience in mind.

Focus on current stories

Your audience will probably want to read something that is engaging and interesting. If you can cover a new topic fairly quickly then this will also generate traffic. If you are to write on-site content, like in a blog then set up RSS feeds and social share buttons on each webpage. This will allow people to pick up on these news stories as soon as they are published, and get them to share them with others.

You can also find out what the most popular searches are via the search engines and this can give you another creative avenue and focus for your content. Spending ten minutes to do some research so that you can write about a certain topic will be far more beneficial, compared to writing about the first thing that comes to you.

Keep content simple

Where possible, always simplify your content. There are times when this will be hard to achieve although technical jargon can always be explained. There’s nothing more frustrating when you read a good headline, only to be disappointed by the article content because it is too difficult to understand. You don’t want to send your readers to sleep, you want them to feel like they have learnt something by reading your content. If this is the case, then make sure you meet these criteria.

Create a natural link to your site

Like we mentioned, you can use search engines to find out popular terms. You can then write about the subject in question, although remember that you have to create a natural link to your site. In other words it will be difficult to write about a health issue whilst tying it in with SEO. If you can naturally do this then it shouldn’t cause you too much grief, although if you are able to find a popular subject that relates to your industry, the link will be a lot easier to create and in addition it will appear a lot more natural.

Essentially, you want your content to read well. Whether it’s on-site or off-site, if the user finds it interesting then they are more likely to share and engage with the page. As a result, the strength of the link pointed towards your site will help in terms of rankings and also generate a steady flow of traffic in the right direction.

So, before considering which SEO company would be best for your company, consider a Content Marketing company first (hint, hint). Strong content coupled with a consistent Social Media campaign will be more effective in the long run and help your company be perceived as a thought leader in your industry.

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