Social MEDIA Marketing: Photos and Videos are a Must!

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Social Media: A Real Photo Op

officepuppyYou have invested a ton of money in website design, signed up for all the social media sites, started a weekly blog, but you still don’t see as much growth for your company as you would like. Consider that you may be doing all of the right things—blogging, SEO, and social engagement are very important—but you could be running the social media marketing race at only half-speed. All forms of textual content are helpful, but generally, the more visual the content, the better the response.  The rapid success and popularity of Pinterest is a perfect demonstration of the demand and appreciation for visual content. And all of the social media sites are catching on; Facebook purchased Instagram in order to compete with sites like Pinterest. Visual content is a must-have. YouTube has, for the longest time, dominated the video content market in terms of social media, but all of the social media sites make accommodations to facilitate media sharing.

You could hire a social media marketing company to ensure your business account posts media rich content, but if want to up your game on your own, then consider these tips:

A Product to Push? Post Photos! 

Post pictures of your product on your website and on your social media profiles. Don’t assume that simply directing visitors away from your social sites to your website–where there are plenty of photos– is enough. Also, you have to cross promote the pictures. So post onto Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and then link it back to your website. You should also make sure to learn the differences among the various sites.  If you post on Facebook, sometimes simply posting an image without any text will elicit a conversation, but sometimes a catchy description will help. If you post a photo to Twitter, hashtag your product name or brand and relevant key phrases for better exposure. If you don’t have photos, you can purchase stock photography on Shutterstock, iStock, and other royalty-free sites, but a lower resolution yet engaging photo will generally elicit a stronger response than generic high-resolution images.

Throw Out Boardroom Etiquette, Think ‘Social Media’

The rules for business marketing in the corporate world don’t necessarily translate in the world of social media marketing. With traditional marketing, you probably wouldn’t share an iPhone photo of your puppy wearing sunglasses on a national commercial. People expect traditional advertising messages to be more crafted and refined.  But in the world of social media marketing for business, a picture of your puppy can be worth gold in terms of traffic that it draws to you site. So throw out the old rules–be willing to loosen up a bit. Even the most serious professionals can maintain a professional image and still have a sense of humor.  Use your best judgment, of course. If you are an accountant or criminal defense attorney, a picture of your staff drinking beer at a bar after work might make clients question your level of professionalism. But for a majority of businesses, being a little fun and a little more personal makes you more approachable. Try posting pictures of your staff, office pets, or the company picnic. This is the best way to get people to ‘like’ your page and by extension—you.

Photo Quality Matters

Try to use higher quality images. You don’t need to use a professional camera–an iPhone definitely works. If a photo is too grainy to the point that it’s unclear what you’re looking at—then yes, avoid posting it as it may make you look a bit amateurish.

Online marketing for your company is a bit of a ‘social’ dance, but if you continuously ask yourself, ‘what would my ideal client enjoy and expect to see from me,’ you will have a good gauge for the best marketing strategy for your business.

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