Small Business & Social Media, Fall 2011

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Constant Contact released their Constant Contact Fall 2011 Attitudes and Outlooks Survey, and it is very revealing (see the infographic here). Their survey reveals a significant shift in small businesses’ willingness to use Social Media marketing.

In just six months, barriers to social media adoption have decreased dramatically; small businesses report increased awareness that it need not be time-consuming or difficult. The result? Small businesses are using social media marketing more than ever before; of those surveyed, 81% report using social media marketing, up from 73% in Spring 2011.

While Facebook continues to be the tool of choice for small businesses, Twitter is quickly gaining ground.

Small Businesses Report Strong Engagement with Customers Via Social Media Platforms

Roughly 60% of participants report that they respond to all comments on social media platforms – whether those comments are positive or negative.

The remaining 40% respond occasionally or not at all for three main reasons:

  • They don’t have time
  • They don’t think it’s necessary
  • They don’t know what to say

Social Media Complementary to, Rather than Instead of, Other Marketing Tools

  • 65% report that social media marketing works well with other forms of marketing.
  • Top online tools include: websites (98%), email marketing (95%), online advertising (66%), and event marketing (55%).
  • Face-to-face interactions remain critical to small business success and 62% expect to host events to create opportunities for effective face-to-face interactions. Of those planning to host an event, 69% will do so to introduce customers to products and services and 68% will do so to find new customers.
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