Social Commerce

My mother used to test the readiness of spaghetti by throwing it against a wall to see if it would stick. Traditional advertising, or “outbound marketing” is a lot like that. Radio, TV, print ads… they broadcast a message out to the world in a single blast, hoping it sticks.

Social commerce, or “inbound marketing”,  is a strategy that focuses on getting found by customers.

With the widespread adoption of social media across markets and demographics throughout the world, businesses and brands have increasingly turned to social media platforms to generate and increase revenue via social commerce. There are two main types of social activity that help catalyze e-commerce via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social platforms:

  • Interaction, conversation and engagement
  • Social sharing and recommendations between connections

Keeping these types of social activities in mind, it is important to look closely at potential conduits to the conversion funnel for sales – messaging context and custom content on all social platforms.

What makes social commerce so powerful?

Social actions position consumers deep in the conversion funnel for sales because they come from highly qualified consumers expressing an affinity for a business or brand, thus increasing the probability of intent to purchase.

Netword Plus creates strategies utilizing Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms in an effort to power commerce and drive sales.

We also help you choose the channels that will best help reach your goal. Here’s some aspects of various social tactics that help us choose the right path for your campaign:

• Serves as premier outlet for offering fresh content that’s pertinent to your defined audience
• Lays foundation for spreading unique content across the web

• Establishes a “face” for your brand via addition of photos and personal information
• Facilitates an interactive community with wall posts, discussion boards, fan photos and likes

• Presents chance to expand social network and find influencers in specific industries
• Lets users share your content, including blog posts, articles, etc.

• Provides location to establish business credibility and share business information
• Offers place to join relevant groups and make connections with other thought leaders

• Allows for repurposing of customer videos, product tutorials, testimonials, etc.
• Supplies vehicle to comment on others’ videos and reach out to those with similar interests

Many other social platforms have their own intrinsic values, such as Foursquare, Google+, and Yelp. We tailor a social media campaign to suit your company’s specific needs.

Are you on Facebook?

Chances are you said ‘yes’. Most of us are. Even my mother is on Facebook now (commentary deleted).

Like so many modern marketing tools, the basics are easy but the learning curve to become a guru is much higher. And the technology changes all the time.

Let Netword Plus handle your Social Media marketing needs. We can’t be all things to all people. You should run your business… let us do the rest.

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