Blogging For Business: Content Marketing Basics

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Content is King. And perhaps, Communication is Queen.

Traditional marketing methods – TV, radio, print – all have their place in modern society. But they are all forms of outbound marketing; basically, a bullhorn. Content marketing delivers a two-way conversation between businesses and consumers.

Developing this content takes consistency and an awareness of your ultimate business goals. This is a long-term plan, not a short-term gain. Develop and sharing content over time gives you the ability to generate feedback and regularly improve and adjust your strategies based on what your community and the market wants.

And when combined with social media, content marketing gives you the powerful ability to listen to people’s response, pinpoint their objections and then remove those objections with future content as you go. Rewarding advocates of your business can be just as powerful.

If done successfully, buying your product or enlisting your services becomes an easy, low-risk decision in your prospects mind.

The key to content marketing for business is an attraction strategy to turn your website into a long-term asset that offers people real value independent from the products or services you actually sell.

The best platform for delivering fresh content may well be a blog. Blogs help:

  • quickly and easily share ideas and connect your business to potential customers
  • give you the opportunity to automatically notify your audience when you publish new content
  • easily integrate social media sharing tools that promote powerful word of mouth marketing
  • generate links, social proof and authority

In other words, they make your website a helpful, entertaining and sticky destination that gives you the ability to create content, listen to response and continually improve.

And the benefit of blogs for SEO is unparalleled. If you create only one blog a week – optimized with researched,relevant keyword terms – you will have 52 new website pages with SEO-rich content to aid in being found on search engines. See our recent article The Link Between SEO and Content Marketing for more info on that subject.

Tom Pick, via the website, wrote an article on fascinating Social Media facts and statistics for 2012. I’ll leave you with some pointed facts on blogging.

  1. Social media sites and blogs reach 80% of all U.S. internet users. (Mindjumpers)
  2. Social networks and blogs account for 23% of all time spent online — twice as much as gaming. (Mindjumpers)
  3. “Increased frequency of blogging correlates with increased customer acquisition, according to…HubSpot. 92% of of blog users who posted multiple times a day acquired a customer through their blog, a figure that decreased to 66% for those who blogged monthly and 43% for those who posted less than monthly.” (Marketing Charts)
  4. The most popular frequency for blog posting is weekly (60% of bloggers). Just 10% post daily. (Marketing Charts)
  5. Blogs are the single most important inbound marketing tool. “When asked to rank the importance of the services they use, 25% of users rated their company blog as critical to their business, while a further 56% considered them either important (34%) or useful (22%)” for a total of 81%. (Marketing Charts)
  6. B2B companies with blogs generate 67% more leads per month on average than non-blogging firms. (Social Media B2B)
  7. For those looking to outsource, a professional consultant will generally charge $1,000-$3,000 for setting up a blog, $1,000-$3,000 per month for ongoing content development/editing, and ballpark of $200 for a single guest post. (Mack Collier)

Regarding #7, Netword Plus is far more reasonable than the average consultant (really). Give us a call today and ask us how we can help your business without breaking the bank.

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