A blog is a great idea! But what do I write about?

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This is an open letter to our clients and soon-to-be clients.

I’ve asked a few of our clients:

“What would you like us to write about this week in your blog?”

And the reply has been:

“I don’t know. What should I write about?”

Naturally, we can come up with content for your business. You could even argue that’s what we’re being paid to do. But every business is different, and no one knows your business better than you. And who knows, you might want to contribute your own personal advice or anecdote.

So, if you’re looking for ideas for your business’ next blog, or ideas for your Social Media and Content Marketing company to write on behalf of your business (hint, hint), here are a number of great content sources to inspire your search.

1) Your Competitors

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But isn’t that stealing?” We are in no way advocating taking content directly from your competitors websites and posting it as your own. However, you may be inspired by what you find on your competitors’ website or blog, because you agree with what you’ve read, or even better, because you don’t agree at all.

You can easily find out what all of your competitors are writing about on Alltop. Simply search for the topic area your blog is about, and check out the top news stories in that arena. It’s completely appropriate to write a blog post about one of the popular articles you find on Alltop, as long as you’re adding value through your own perspective and linking back to the original.

2) Subscribe to Blogs in Your Niche (and Share)

We often read content relevant to our business on our favorite blogs, and then we hold onto that information as if it were gold. The instinct can be to hold onto this information for our own benefit, and share it with no one else. This is a mistake. First of all, the information is out there already. Second, you can become a hub of useful knowledge to your clients, who will regard you as a knowledge base in the industry. And third, you open up a dialog with people of similar mindsets… people who could be your next employee or business partner.

3) Ask Your Readers

If you have a popular blog, why not ask the readers what they want to read about on your blog? It’s a great way to get social feedback before your article is written.

4) Interview someone

Readers love to read, listen to or watch interviews.  Host your own interviews with celebrities from your niche, testimonials from your customers or as a feature for your employees. Social Media is about engaging with people; interviews are a gateway to know your company better on a personal level.

5) Keep a Notebook Nearby

Try and collate all your ideas in one place so you are not searching for that piece of paper with the brilliant idea you had earlier on in the day. I’m not one to carry a notebook and pencil around in my pocket, but my iPhone and Evernote app help me to quickly jot down ideas that come to me, and they are waiting for me later when I need them.

There are many more avenues to inspire you – Google Keywords, niche newspapers and magazines, your family, reviews, free association – but hopefully these five ideas will give you a nice starting point the next time you say, “What should I write about?”

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