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Effective and Low Cost Packages

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Netword Plus has some of the most cost effective plans with value for your buck. All our plans are

created to be effective while not breaking the bank. Our packages include services such as:

– Creation of custom blogs

– Social Media Posting on Facebook and Twitter along with two other social networks of your


– Twitter Discovery: includes weekly direct outreach to key demographic

– Analytic reporting

– Mobile Website

– SEO with Directory Registration

– Google Analytics

– Facebook Pay-per-click

– Much More

Contact Netword Plus so we can personalize a package for you today.


Advantages of Local Directories

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Local directories gives your company big advantages. For example statistics show that 78% of customers

prefer to purchase from store that are within a reasonable range from their locality. By Registering in a

local directory you are making sure that you will appear to the local customers who search for your

specific product or services. Local Directories has the ability to steer customers towards your business

based on geographic location and proximity. This helps to increase business rapidly by ensuring that you

get purchases by people within the local community and can have a direct impact in a very short period

of time. Netword has one of the top local directories! Once you are registered you get all the benefits

from being part of our directory. Our directory will point customers towards you based on discounts,

specials, prices, services and help create customer loyalty and recurring sales. Call Netword Plus at 800-

638-9673 today!

Happy Columbus Day

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Putting It Together

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Today many businesses are trying to manage their online presence and wondering why it is so complex.

There are all these different terminologies and jargons being thrown out there. Then you hear about the

next big thing. It is quite a big task to effectively manage all the different aspects. This is why when

trying to do it on your own, it can get complicated. You have to take into account: Social Media, Pay-Per-

Click, Brand Management, Social Ecommerce, SMO, SEO and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep in

mind that then information needs to be gathered on how all these different aspects are performing;

analysis must be done. Some people tend to take on one aspect and forget about another and then

realize that they are not getting the results that they desire. This can be disheartening. This is why it is

better to go to the professionals. At Netword Plus we look at your business and make sure we put

together a personalized strategy with just the right mix of ingredients to get the desired outcome. Call

us at 800-638-9673 to get professional and personalized service.

Keep It Simple

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When writing content for your website try not to include too much fluff in your writing. Your blog should do three main functions:

  1. Get your readers attention. This is important! If no on sees the blog, then what is the point.
  2. Convey the information properly. Do your best to give as much information regarding the subject without being side tracked. While a blog is informal, there must be a main topic being represented.
  3. Call to action. What are you trying to get the reader to do? Buy your product? Visit your website? Contact you? This is important.

For more tips regarding social media, content writing and SEO visit Netword Plus today.


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