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Why Aren’t My Blog Posts Increasing My Website Traffic?

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Are you regularly posting new content to your website and social media sites but not noticing increased traffic? Frustrated, you may wonder why consistently posting content works for other companies and it does not work for your site. You probably understand the importance of publishing interesting, relevant content. You may understand the value of posting regular daily or weekly content. So why isn’t your hard work translating to results? Don’t give up just yet.  It is not always as cut and dry as simply writing about your business goings-on, product information, or posting the weekly sale. There are many ways to fine tune your content to ensure it helps draw new visitors to your site:

Make Your Blog Posts Entertaining and Helpful

Your content may not be yielding results because it’s not entertaining or helpful enough, or you don’t post frequently enough. Content should always be created with this question in mind: Would anyone care enough to share this? It’s that simple.  If you are not truly helping people, entertaining them, or making some form of call to action, then you are missing the boat.  That said, even if you are creating great content, if you only post every once and a while, people come to expect less of you and don’t become repeat visitors.  You will know if you are doing it right if the traffic and time spent on site  increase — there are several tools, including Google Analytics, which you’ll want to use to monitor traffic and engagement.

Include Keywords in Your Blog Posts

It’s important to know what people are searching for when you create content. Consider current events in your industry and what people are talking about. For example, if you’re an accountant and it’s the end of the year, you’ll want to write on commonly searched topics  like “year end tax planning,” “accelerating and deferring income,” and “tax planning for 2013.”

Let People Know About Your Posts

Web content isn’t rocket science: when you mix keyword-rich writing with sharable, entertaining or useful topics, it’s inevitable that your page ranking and traffic will increase.That said, you also need to promote your posts by telling people on all the social media sites that you have this content. Promoting your content on social media also allows your friends and followers to share it.  As more people share your content, the traffic to your website should go up.

If you see that you are promoting your blog posts and your traffic is not going up, look right back to the source: the nature of the content.

Top Reasons Your Content is Under-Performing

Here are three common reasons why content fails to attract repeat fans and visitors:

  1. Lack of Enthusiasm:
    When asked about your company or brand, does an enthusiastic, well-formed response easily roll off your tongue? Enthusiasm for what you are doing is infectious. When you believe in the service or product you’re offering, it will come through in your content and people will respond to it. Examine your (or your content writer’s) attitude toward your business and make sure you’re always writing from a place of enthusiasm.
  2. Failure to Engage: 
    Do you receive responses, likes, and/or emails from followers who love your content or products? It’s normal to see some posts go without any responses, but if you aren’t receiving any responses, you may need to consider the way you phrase your posts. People generally like to respond to questions, photos, and provocative statements. Make sure each post leaves room for and encourages others to share their opinions!
  3. Fear of Being Personal:
    Do you feel like you have a lot to say about your company or brand? If not, you may want to examine your brand identity and ideal clientele. Some people get hung up on the idea of only posting what’s appropriate. Certainly, avoid content that might be offensive, but don’t be afraid to get a little personal. People like to do business with other people, not cold, calculating companies. So posting a picture of your office picnic, or office holiday decorations is a nice way to remind people that you’re approachable, real people, and not just a company out for business.

There is no one answer that will instantly improve traffic.  The bottom line is to make sure the content is well written and relevant, first and foremost. Ask yourself if you were your ideal client, would you be inspired? And don’t be shy about asking people to respond with prompts like “Weigh in!” and “What do you think?”  If you make sure you’re including highly searched phrases and keywords on top of this, you’ll have a recipe for a great content marketing strategy!

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