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3 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Social Media Marketing

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There are arguments as to why you should develop your Social Media Marketing in-house: You know your own company’s message better than anyone else, and… well, that’s about it. However, I can give you 3 great reasons why you should outsource your social media efforts:


1) Lower investment in time
Hiring and training a new employee is never easy. First you need to find a qualified candidate. Next there’s the paperwork. And then there’s the training, which assumes anyone in your company knows how to best market your company through social media. And lastly, there’s the inevitable loss of that employee, whether they quit or get fired. Now you get to start the whole process all over again. With outsourcing, you can find a qualified company that is already well-versed in Social Media Marketing.

2) Lower investment in money
If you decide to hire an employee to handle your website content as well as your Social Media Marketing, you might be tempted to hire a bright kid for $10 per hour, who seems like such a wiz at Twitter and Facebook. But $10 per hour equates to $1700 per month, plus payroll expenses, EDD costs, maybe even insurance benefits. With an outside company, you can expect to pay about half that price for more services and far more expertise. Which leads me to…

3) Greater expertise
What is the point of a Social Media Marketing campaign? There are many benefits:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Lead generation
  • Sales lead quality
  • Customer retention/loyalty
  • Website traffic
  • Increased engagement with existing and potential customers
  • ¬†Thought leadership in your industry
  • SEO ranking

But the #1 reason may well be Brand Awareness. Using the same example of the $10 per hour kid, do you really feel that you can trust a low-paid, perhaps ill-informed employee with your brand? Will this employee understand how to:

1) Create a strategic marketing plan?
2) Convert conversations on social media platforms into new customers?
3) Optimize content for increased SEO?
4) Generate analytic reports to help evaluate a campaign’s effectiveness?

Consider what Netword Plus can do for your company… at a price point that makes sense.

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