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Engage Your Customers with Social Media

May 17, 2012   //   by Netword Plus   //   Our Blog  //  No Comments

These days, it’s not enough to have a Facebook page and hope it gathers ‘likes’. Your business needs to be aggressive. Your fans expect you to respond to their comments and questions, and for you to start a conversation as a thought leader in your industry.

Here are a few ideas on how to engage your fans:

1) Surprise and Delight

Don’t just tell your customers why they should do business with you and you company. Give them incentives to go to your website, or walk in your door. Time-sensitive promotions, special perks, and loyalty rewards will engender a motivated customer base. As Bob Farrell used to say, “Give ’em the pickle!”

2) Go to Your Customers for Fresh Ideas

Your existing community of customers cares about your business, often more than you realize. They have bought and used your product or service, and are often advocates for you. Use their enthusiasm to your best advantage. Ask for input through social media postings, listen to their ideas, pick the best ones and then reward them for their loyalty and commitment in this public forum. Participants have a vested interest in seeing if their responses have merit and they may share the post with their friends and followers.Your customers can be valuable members of your marketing team – if you let them – and social media is a perfect way to keep everyone on the same page.

3) Avoid Bad Etiquette

There are many ways to put-off your socially-savvy customers. Here are my top ten, in reverse order:

10. Not following back
9. Being faceless
8. Clueless cross-post
7. Being a robot
6. Not keeping your comment house in order
5. Acting like you know me
4. Inconsistency
3. Engaging and ignoring
2. Talking like a marketroid
1. Being pushy

Deal with people on social platforms as you would in a person-to-person networking environment, with graciousness, politeness and with common courtesy.

What are your thoughts? Any other suggestions on how businesses can best engage with customers?

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