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Social Media vs. Pay-Per-Click

Feb 10, 2012   //   by Netword Plus   //   Our Blog  //  No Comments

social media logosSocial Media presents many opportunities for businesses to form organic relationships with customers. However, paid advertising on Facebook and other social platforms can be very effective in the right circumstances.

Which works best and what are the benefits? In my opinion, they both have their place, but ultimately organic Social Media Marketing wins out.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, be it through Facebook or other online venues, can be directed to specific markets and demographics in a short period of time. However, organic Social Media has staying power and can still get you to the front of search engines quicker than any other method. Also, as where you might spend some money to hire a dedicated Social Media company to handle your Social Media Marketing needs (hint, hint), you will definitely spend more on PPC.

Social Media presents a fresh direction for marketing by allowing companies to talk with consumers, as opposed to talking at them. This may be the most important distinction between PPC – indeed, all traditional advertising – and organic Social Media Marketing. There is no “conversation” with PPC. Much like TV, radio and print advertising, the message is put out to the world… and that’s it. You hope the message was received on the other end. Social Media Marketing is a two-way street; messages are received by the consumer and acted upon. Responses – both positive and negative – come back to the business. Rewards for customer loyalty and solutions to problems can all be handled through the social platform, and the response is instantaneous.


Organic Social Media Marketing takes time and effort, which is often in short supply for business owners and managers. An employee can be put in charge of a business’ social media program, but there are downfalls:

1) An employee’s hourly rate can equate to a large sum of money spent on Social Media promotions
2) An employee may know the basics of Social Media, but is likely not a marketing guru
3) An employee can quit at any time, abandoning the business’ hard-earned credibility and consistent voice on social platforms
4) An employee most likely won’t be able to supply the company with the all-important analytics, so results can be evaluated

Let Netword Plus handle your Social Media Marketing needs, with comprehensive reporting and a price that makes sense.

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