Netword Plus, a division of Netword Inc., offers social media and content marketing solutions for professionals and businesses, using social platforms to drive local commerce. Let Netword Plus be your Social Media Marketing secret weapon.

What is COPCA?

Content, Optimize, Promote, Convert, Analyze

For businesses, Social Media isn’t a straight-cut formula, but there are certain rules of engagement you can follow. We call our rules COPCA, which stands for Content, Optimize, Promote, Convert, and Analyze. In brief, here’s what Netword Plus can do for your company:

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Social Commerce

Get Found by Customers

My mother used to test the readiness of spaghetti by throwing it against a wall to see if it would stick. Traditional advertising, or “outbound marketing” is a lot like that. Radio, TV, print ads… they broadcast a message out to the world in a single blast, hoping it sticks.

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Social Analytics

Monitoring, Engagement, Measurement, Growth

Netword Plus emphasizes the four components of social media effectiveness; Monitoring, Engagement, Measurement and Growth. Our Analytic Reports, delivered to your email bi-monthly, will give your company the feedback it needs to analyze and improve your social marketing strategy. And we’ll guide you all the way.

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